A small city (by Indian standards) Nasik is at an altitude of around 2000ft and lies on a plateau near India’s West Coast, some 100 miles NE of Mumbai. With none of the frenetic pace of its bigger neighbour, it has oodles of charm and is easy-going, except for one madness-inducing 6-week period every twelve years - when around 5 million devotees throng to the city for the mass Hindu pilgrimage called the Kumbh Mela. The city has great historical and religious importance, and is probably home to every element of the melting pot that is India.

For all its religious significance Nasik is also of immense importance when it comes to the stuff you and I love. It is referred to as the wine capital of India, and produces around 70% of the wine produced in India. Leave the city limits in any direction and you will run into vineyards. North and East of the city are home to probably the best terroir for wine grape growing within Asia – and the birthplace of Soul Tree. Glance into these vineyards and you’re sure to spot a farmer gazing contentedly at his life’s work.