We have recently concluded on a successful Crowdfunding round, and raised £388,000 from 235 investors across the world. The funds that this makes available will enable us to put several plans into practice and to take Soul Tree to the next level and beyond!

Soul Tree is a rapidly growing brand with distribution all across the UK, and a growing international footprint. We work with some of the UK's best and most progressive wine distributors, who distribute Soul Tree to hundreds of outlets from Birmingham to Bristol, and from Glasgow to Guildford.

We have partnered with 11 new wine distributors so far in 2014, taking the total number of distribution partners to 24. With even more exciting growth forecast for the next 12 months, we are always looking to partner with even more progressive, forward-thinking distribution partners to the on-trade and the specialist off-trade, and with restaurants, bars, and pubs looking to break the mould with an exciting new range of wines from a fast-emerging region. Are you one of them?