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Authentic Indian wine, delicately crafted to enhance the flavours of spice infused cuisines


Selected by restaurants  all across the UK to enrich their customers' Indian Dining Experience

"Cracking wine from India, now stocked up along with some others."

- on Twitter


Sauvignon Blanc  2019,  ABV 13%

Vibrant citrus and gooseberry flavours complemented with hints of tropical fruit, crisp and aromatic with a bright zesty finish.


Rosé  2019,  ABV 13%

Delightfully refreshing and fruity, bursting with summer berry flavours and subtle hints of pepper on the finish.


Cabernet Sauvignon  2019,  ABV 13%

Deep red in colour, this smooth red is rich and full of red berry and plum flavours with a hint of spice on the finish.


White  2019, ABV 12%

This white wine is a blend of local grape varieties with Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc to give a deliciously crisp, clean, and fruity wine with just enough sweetness to balance the spice in your meal. 


Red  2019, ABV 12%

This red wine is a blend of local grape varieties with Cabernet Sauvignon to give a deliciously light and fruity wine with an elegant hint of smokiness that will not overpower the spiciness of your meal.


A deep and intrinsic understanding of spices and of the big bold flavours, textures, and complexity of Indian cuisine is critical to producing wines that not only complement but greatly enhance - and even harmonise - the experience of a diverse range of spicy dishes. The styles that make up Indian and other spice-rich cuisines are varied and complex and it is not the meat but the flavours and spice combinations that are primary considerations when choosing spicy food-wine combinations.

It is no surprise, then, that Soul Tree sets the standard for pairing wine with spicy cuisine and has
become accepted as the best partner to the nation’s favourite cuisine.

"This Indian wine is a must.  Beautiful, refreshing, and definitely one of the best wines to be had with Indian cuisine."

- on Tripadvisor



Western-world citizens are often transformed by their 'India experience'. Some find spirituality. Some find yoga. Some find the Kamasutra. Hundreds of thousands have now discovered Indian wine.

Soul Tree is one such exciting new wine that is at the vanguard of the latest wave of new world wines sweeping across the world. It has been produced in India and embraced by hundreds of thousands of wine lovers, as well as lovers of Indian cuisine, across the UK, Europe, and North America. Many of these people, attracted by a sense of discovery, are now fans, ambassadors, and evangelists.

A refreshing take on wine, Soul Tree produces wines that are mainstream and distinctive at the same time. They are true to varietal characteristics and to taste profiles of the western palate, but are also a reflection of local terroir and of the tastes and palates of the growing region in India.

With its uniquely tropical climate and terroir, the main wine producing regions of India are superbly suited to vine growing and this, coupled with a rapidly growing domestic wine market in India and a unique winter-growth / spring-harvest cycle, makes India one of the most exciting new wine regions in the world today. 

The only Indian wine producer to be headquartered in the UK, Soul Tree combines the best of India with close operating relationships with our trade partners, outlets, the press, and consumer groups; we are therefore not only responsive to the needs of the market, but actually proactive in our approach.  



Soul Tree was founded by two entrepreneurs who, during professional sabbaticals and while pursuing MBAs at the University of Oxford, discovered within themselves an innate desire to do something more meaningful than to go back to the commercial rat race of their genetics and automotive industry pasts.

There began a journey that would see them embrace the budding world of Indian wine, and they set upon the path of bringing it to wine lovers across the world.

From humble beginnings in 2011, Soul Tree now boasts several wine awards, business awards, a superb reputation, and the distinction of being one of a handful of crowd-funded wine brands anywhere in the world.

                          ALOK MATHUR  FRSA, MBA (Oxon)


Alok met Melvin at Oxford while completing his MBA at the University of Oxford. He was brought up in India and after completing his undergraduate degree in Engineering he joined Jaguar Landrover owners Tata Motors in 1993.

He has worked in various senior positions, handling and running operations in India and in the UK.

                           MELVIN D'SOUZA MBA (Oxon) 



Melvin co-founded Soul Tree with Alok after completing his business degree at the University of Oxford.


He was born and raised in the heart of Indian wine country, the Nasik Valley, and moved to the USA for an undergraduate degree and following that headed marketing and sales for his family's poultry genetics business in India, Africa, and the Middle-East.


                           DR. RAJESH RASAL 



The Soul Tree range is crafted by Rajesh Rasal, an oenologist and one of India’s most experienced winemakers. 

The breadth of his experience in the rapidly growing Nasik region enables a deep rooted understanding of local soils and climatic conditions and of how these come together to produce styles that suit the region the best.  Rajesh is, naturally, based in India.

"Tasted this wine at Rasas in Berlin. Very good. It has a spice to it that is unique and very pleasant, and complements Indian dishes very well."

- on Facebook

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We believe that wine produced in India should be a true reflection of the local conditions, tastes, and palates, rather than an imitation of wine from more established regions. So, while we use technology, expertise, and feedback from other parts of the world, we rely on our own skills, instincts, and the deep rooted knowledge of local conditions and cuisine to produce our wine. It is this winemaking philopsophy that makes Soul Tree mainstream and distinctive at the same time - excellent wines with a tropical twist in the tale. 

"The Soul Tree red is one of our new favourites, by the way. Just delectable."

- on Facebook



India is fast emerging as one of the fastest growing and most exciting new wine regions in the world. Western Maharashtra, home to Soul Tree, is India's biggest wine region and produces nearly two-thirds of all the wine produced in India. 

Our vineyards lie around 150 miles to the East of Mumbai, off India's western coastline. At an elevation of around 2000 ft. above sea level, the region has the perfect tropical climate and excellent volcanic soils to produce beautiful, distinctive wines full of character.

Soul Tree, with its true blue Indian winemaker, makes the most of these conditions to produce wines that are true to the region, wines are made in an evolving style that the region should one day be able to call its own.

Nasik Valley@2x.jpg
"I have never come across Indian wine before but really liked it. Highly recommended."

- on Facebook



Wine believed to be associated with Indra - the king of gods, and poured as libation and drunk at religious festivals and celebrations


Alexander invades India and introduces new wine in the region

European travellers bring European style wine into the courts of Mughal emperors

Portuguese settlers in Goa use wine to preserve meat with garlic and Indian spices - building blocks for the classic Vindaloo dish

Claret loving British settlers in India plant vines in Surat and Kashmir

Indian wines exhibited and received favourably by visitors at the Great Calcutta Exhibition

Wine is overshadowed as India becomes one of the largest markets for British Ale. The Phylloxera epidemic devastates the Indian wine industry like it does through most of Europe - a setback that will put the Indian wine industry in abeyance for over a century

Farmers in Nasik Valley trigger a wine revolution making the Indian wine industry one of the fastest growing in the world

"Enjoying our Soul Tree Cabernet Sauvignon experience with our Indian banquet in Derby."

- on Twitter


"Enjoying a glass of  Indian wine for my birthday. Lovely Soul Tree. My mum said, "It's very good!" "

- on Facebook

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